Hectic work schedule can cause heart diseases

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Hectic work schedule can cause heart diseases

According to a recent research hectic work schedules can lead to premature death (especially if one does not follow a regular eating or exercise routine). This study further affirmed that one should eat on time and exercise regularly in order to remain healthy, fit and fine.

Study researchers have found that a very high percentage of heart disease deaths occurs due to high cholesterol levels, but the study also submits the fact, that very few people are aware of the connection between their work routine and heart disease risks or what precautions one should take to avoid such stakes.

Medical guidelines recommend that cholesterol levels should be 4mmol or less. However the study found that, a majority of 500 people had much higher cholesterol levels than usually prescribed.

People with highest cholesterol levels were the taxi drivers and estate agents followed by lawyers and teachers. These people blamed it on their addiction on takeaways and regular drinking.

Some simple measures such as avoiding junk food, doing walking or any other physical activity can help a lot in reducing the chances of such health problems.

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