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The science and art of homeopathy represent, what many people predicts as a today’s medicine. Homeopathy is a medical approach that respects the wisdom of the body. It is an approach where the homeopathic medicine stimulates the body’s own healing process, so that it can fight against foreign bodies and disease, hence enhancing the immunity. But first let’s understand “What is a disease?”

Disease is a dis-ease of the body, means when the body is not at ease. The body is considered to be healthy, when the inner force of the body known as “Vital Force” is having a harmonious flow. But if this flow gets disturbed (the cause can be anything), the normal functioning of the body also gets disturbed, hence dis-ease sets in. For bringing back the disturbed inner flow to normal, it is essential to know the emotional, physical make up of the diseased person and not only the symptoms of the disease.

The principle of homeopathy is to cure a diseased person and not the disease.

A disease may have an affinity on one or more body parts, but it disturbs the whole body, so while treating the disease, the whole body should be taken into consideration and not only those parts. That’s why it has said that the diseased person needs to be cured and not the disease. But the question is how it is done?

For restoring health in a person, it is important to understand the diseased person’s whole body and its functioning. Apart from knowing the anatomical, physiological and pathological aspects of the person, his psychological frame work has to be understood. Psychological aspects such as emotions, desires, aversions, dreams, feelings, reaction towards certain events or things have to be thoroughly analyzed.

Anyone who is diseased will produce a set of symptoms, which will be common to the disease like in malaria- there will be fever, but a homeopathic physician can not prescribe on these symptoms. What the physician needs is uncommon symptoms or characteristics of that person (it can be physical or psychological symptoms), which will help in making the person as an individual. A homeopathic medicine is prescribed considering all these symptoms (totality of symptoms). These symptoms can be combination of person’s physical, emotional and mental symptoms, or psychological or physical aspects. This process not only eliminates the disturbance of the body…i.e. the disease, but also builds the body to fight itself if the same situation occurs later.