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Miasms denotes the dynamic disease producing power which pollutes the human organism and become the producer of every possible diseased condition. It can also be stated as infecting agent and a cause of disease. There are:

  • Acute Miasm
  • Psora Miasm
  • Sycosis Miasm
  • Syphilis Miasm

Miasms holds a important key to the development of the personality of the diseased person. As it is already explained the personality of the diseased person is compared with the personality of the homeopathic remedy and the similar one restores the health. Let’s understand the personality of the people having these miasms.

Personality with Acute Miasm

Acute miasm is a disease producing power which causes acute, specific, infectious disease having almost fixed manifestations. Acute miasm according to Dr J.T. Kent is “the one that comes upon the economy, passes through its regular prodromal period, longer or shorter, has its period of progress and period of decline and in which there is a tendency to recovery.”

The features of acute personality 

  • person perceives a situations as one of an acute threat and reacts instinctively, sharply and intensely. So the acute personality is excited, excitable and hyperactive, and sometime can go to the other extreme of being completely shut off and insensitive.
  • their dreams are full of excitement and represent acute, and threatening situations.
  • phobic behavior can be encountered in some, which means they do exactly the opposite in their life to what they fear.
  • they might have manic defense reactions like excessive loud laughter or abnormal bursts of courage and cheerfulness.
  • there can be sudden, impulsive violence.
  • physically symptoms can appear suddenly, violently, exacerbated, and threatening.
  • structural pathology may aggravate, especially when the tendency to genetic predisposition is quite strong in the person.

Personality with Psora Miasm

Psora miasm is meant to be an original diseased condition which, after the completion of the internal infection of the whole organism, is manifested by the peculiar cutaneous eruption. Psora means an itch or some such similar skin disease or the itch-mite.

The Psoric personality has high and lows. The struggle is like a tug of war with the outside world. Sometimes the balance is on the person’s side and he feels high; at other times, the balance is on the other side and he feels low.

Features will show:

  • activeness, the struggle is an active process which becomes apparent especially at times of stress. Quick, alert but easily tired from exertion both physical and mental.
  • lack of confidence in facing the situation with a feeling that he may not be able to do it causing constant anxiety which becomes marked when confronted with the situation (active psora).
  • internal restlessness, insecurity, dissatisfaction, sensitivity and anxiety about the future.
  • many varied dreams, depending on the everyday situation. Dreams will reflect anxiety about inability to cope.
  • observant, therefore expresses symptoms well during case taking.
  • hypersensitivity to external factors and will manifest the same struggle and activity. In its pathological changes although this is not invariable.

Personality with Sycosis Miasm

By definition, Sycosis miasm or fig-wart disease is a chronic miasm which is developed due to the suppression of gonorrhea and is primarily manifested externally by the condylomatous and cauliflower like growth on the skin.

The main feature of the sycotic personality are:

  • secretive (suppression of thoughts from others). Cross and irritable.
  • always trying to hide their weakness and are constantly tense. These constant efforts to cover up the weakness make even everyday life stressful.
  • fixed in habits and traits. They think and act in particular ways and even their dreams are specific.
  • Fits of anger, suspicious, oppression and anxiety when weather changes.
  • less active and more reserved than the psoric.
  • physically show hyper reaction.

Personality with Syphilis Miasm

Dr Hahnemann defines syphilis miasm as the miasm of the venereal disease proper, the chancre disease (syphilis). It is developed when the local manifestations of syphilis (chancre, bubo etc) are suppressed by some local applications.

The syphilitic person has neither the highs and lows of psora nor the secretiveness of sycosis, it has

  • a strong pessimistic view of life. Feels that it is not possible to modify what is wrong, it has to be radically changed or destroyed.
  • impulsiveness towards situations- it can be an insult, criticism or domination.
  • a occasional sudden impulsive violence directed at himself or others- a mercurial temper.
  • rigid ideas which are not about himself but also with the situation. They are aggravated by contradiction.
  • restless mental spell. Patient is driven out of bed inducing symptoms of suicide.
  • Depressed but keep troubles to themselves.