Sometimes a homeopathic physician acts an detective looking for clues, when he fails to get good clues from physical and psychological sphere, he looks in the dreams of the person. But why the dreams, even though the suffering is not of mind but of some other organ?

A dream is a state of mind in which the person is not fully aware of their surroundings. It is a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring a person’s mind during sleep. In a dream most of our feelings and actions are uncompensated where as in waking state, these feelings and actions become compensated and also they are censored by the barrier between the conscious and the subconscious. Compensation depending upon social structure, beliefs and rules involves an act of will. So in the waking state the feelings are not allowed to be expressed, sometimes even to oneself but in the state of sleep, the will has no role and the barrier is lowered down and the feelings and actions are expressed.

As dreams are the reflection of one’s feeling experience towards various things, they become significant in the understanding of the personality or to say the mental state of the person which in return becomes beneficial in the selection of homeopathic remedy.

Understanding of the mental picture of a diseased person through his dreams, entirely depends on the homeopathic physician’s judgment while analysing the symptoms. Under certain situations, dreams can be considered for selecting a remedy, when

  • a patient narrates a peculiar dream, which is repeated often. These peculiar dreams can be a result of any unaware suppressed event related to a feeling of insult or childhood trauma or any other feeling which he failed to express. When these suppressed feelings are understood through dream and brought to ease with the help of psychotherapy or medication. Hence, the patient becomes healthy physically and mentally. E.g: A person complaining of skin rash, often used to dream of snakes. Dreams of snakes symbolizes a foreboding of evil in its various forms and stages. He dreamt that several snakes were surrounding him and felt protected between them. Later when he visited homeopathic physician, It was analyzed that he had fears and needed protection. But he was unable to recollect any incidence which can confirm this analysis. Homeopathic remedy was prescribed and the rash was cured. Later he narrated that in his childhood, he was lost and locked in a dark room but as he grew older he forgot the incidence.
  • handling a chronic case, where the patient is not responding to a carefully selected remedy. In these cases, analysis of the dream with respect to the mental state can be beneficial. The selection of remedy is based on the totality of uncommon symptoms and when the physician is unable to locate the peculiar or uncommon symptoms of the disease in the patient, then the dreams can be utilized to prescribe a similar remedy.
  • In cases of situational dreams which occurs only as a reaction to a particular situation in one’s life. What persons experience today and the way they feel and the similar experience occurs in their dream; that is situational dream. Before the examination, person may have dreams with a fear of high places or going downwards or falling or losing control, as all these are the indication of anticipation. With the anticipation might complain of diarrhea or anxiety, so to treat these acute problems dream symptoms can be the basis of prescription.

In homeopathy, the behavior, feelings, emotions, desires, aversions, beliefs, dreams and every response of the body makes a person an individual and constitutes a personality when compared to the personality of the homeopathic remedy, the similar one is the remedy for all his problems. No matter whether the selected symptoms are related to his complaint or not. Every function of the body holds its importance in the prescription.