Case taking


The principal basis of homeopathic case taking is a holistic approachi.e. a homeopathic doctor tries to know his patient physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Besides enquiring about the main complaint of the patient, he will also ask certain unique things like patients cravings and aversions, likes and dislikes, aggravating and ameliorating factors etc. As these symptoms represent the state of the patient as a whole they are of immense value in selection of homeopathic medicine.

Similarly mental symptoms express the subconscious actions of mind and therefore of great value in selection of medicine. Hence homeopathic doctor will enquire about the patient’s understanding, intellect, emotions (like jealousy, anger, loves/hates, suspicion), dreams, manner of sleeping etc.  With the help of all these symptoms the doctor individualizes every case and therefore, finds the most similar medicine for each case. Thus homeopathy treats the patient and not the disease.