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Myth :   Homeopathy is slow to act.
Fact  :   This is not true. Infact, homeopathy is fast acting in acute diseases like viral fever, cold, cough, tonsillitis, diarrhea etc. In chronic or old cases it may take some time to act. This usually happens if the person has been taking some other treatment (Allopathy, Ayurveda) for a long time, in such cases the effect of that medicine has to be neutralized first, so that the homeopathic medicine is able to act on the disease. Moreover, as the disease has been there for quite long, the vital energy in the body has depleted so much that it takes some time to revive it with homeopathic medicines. It has been observed that homeopathy has shown wonderful results in treatment of arthritis, skin conditions, asthma, kidney stones etc.
Myth :   Homeopathy is effective only in chronic diseases.
Fact  :   Homeopathy is equally effective in acute diseases. Infact, today people prefer homeopathic treatment for acute conditions like tonsillitis, cough, cold, sinusitis, ear infection, viral fever etc.
Myth :   Homeopathic medicines are sweet and therefore, cannot be taken by diabetes patients.
Fact  :   This is not true as homeopathic pills do not contain much sugar, moreover only small quantity of pills are given. Even then if the patient does not want to take pills, he can take the medicine in water or take a drop of homeopathic dilution (the liquid medicine) directly on the tongue.
Myth :   Homeopathy is a miracle therapy and can cure any disease.
Fact  :   This is not true. Every system of medicine has its own limitation and so does homeopathy. In certain emergency conditions (such as drowning, asphyxia, poisoning, renal failure, cardiac failure) and surgical conditions (such as rupture appendix, third degree uterine prolapse, third degree piles) the patient should be immediately hospitalized and given the required treatment.
Myth :   Homeopathy is a form of herbal medicine.
Fact  :   Although some homeopathic medicine are prepared from plant source, but they are not given in the crude form but prepared into medicines by a special process of potentization. During the process of potentization drugs are taken in their crude form (most concentrated form) and then prepared into medicines through a series of dilution and succussions or triturations. Moreover homeopathy treatment is based on law of similars (let likes be cured by likes), whereas herbal medicine is based on principle of treating by opposites (same as Allopathy).
Myth :   Homeopathic medicines get spoiled by storing them in strong smelling places.
Fact  :   Homeopathic medicines are very sensitive so it is essential to store them away from strong smelling things. It is best to store the medicines away from sunlight and in a cool and clean place.
Myth :   Homeopathy is against surgery.
Fact  :   This is wrong. It’s true that homeopathy doesn’t encourage surgery but in cases where a disease has advanced to such a stage where surgery cannot be avoided (such as ruptured appendix, myocardial infarction, third degree piles, prolapsed rectum) homeopathic doctors do advise surgery.
Myth :   Homeopathic medicines are just placebos.
Fact  :   It is believed by most of the people that homeopathic medicines are just placebos (i.e. containing no medicine and given just to please the patient). Infact, all homeopathic medicines before being used are proved on healthy human beings and have been shown to produce symptoms, and when given clinically for the same symptoms in a diseased person have cured them. Hence, it proves that the effect is just not psychological.
Myth :   Homeopathic medicine always aggravate your disease first before treating it.
Fact  :   This is not always true. Disease aggravation only occurs in those cases where the disease has been suppressed earlier by some treatment. For example suppression of skin condition like eczema may lead to development of asthma. Now when the same patient is treated for asthma by homeopathic medicines, his earlier disease (i.e. eczema) reappears. Infact, this is a good sign and shows that the patient is progressing towards cure. Aggravation can also occur if the medicine is not selected carefully (i.e. it is not well indicated or in the right potency). Hence it is advisable to consult your homeopathic consultant before taking any medicine.
Myth :   Homeopathic medicines are not safe during pregnancy.
Fact  :   Homeopathic medicines can be taken safely during pregnancy. The medicines are prescribed in very minute doses and hence do not produce any side effects. Infact, homeopathic medicine helps in building up the resistance of the mother as well as the fetus. They have been found to be very effective in various conditions during pregnancy like vomiting, nausea, pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy), eclampsia (fits during pregnancy), varicose veins etc.
Myth :   Homeopathic medicines should not be taken with strong smelling things like garlic, onion, coffee etc..
Fact  :   The homeopathic medicine is absorbed directly from the buccal mucosa (inner lining of the mouth). Hence it is advised not to eat or drink anything 15 minutes before or after taking the medicine, as it may hamper the absorption of medicine. Also it is advisable to rinse the mouth properly if you have eaten anything strong smelling.
Myth :   Homeopathic medicines cannot be taken along with allopathic medicines.
Fact  :   It is usually advised not to take homeopathy medicines with allopathic medicines but if a person is already on allopathic medicine then he need not stop it abruptly. Infact, homeopathic treatment can be started along with it and once the condition stabilizes the allopathic medicine can be gradually tapered off.
Myth :   Homeopathic medicines contain steroid.
Fact  :   Usually people believe that homeopathic medicines are very slow to act. Hence, whenever homeopathic medicine acts fast in acute diseases, people think that they contain steroids. But this is not true. Homeopathic medicines are bioenergetic, which means they influence and balance the person’s neurological, hormonal and immune systems. If the medicine is properly selected according to the homeopathic principles (viz. Law of similars, law of minimum and law of simplex), it can bring about a rapid cure without producing any side effects. On the other hand steroids are known to cause many side effects, which is not seen in case of homeopathic medicines.