• Ayurveda focuses on the life style modification (Aachar Rasayan) along with conventional drug therapy.
  • If hypertension is secondary to some other disease then treatment is aimed at eliminating the primary disease.
  • Avoidance of smoking, alcohol and high calorie diet.
  • Hypertension can be mild, moderate and severe. Ayurveda is effective in mild hypertension however, in moderate and severe hypertension  Ayurveda can be used as an adjunct to modern medicine.   Ayurvedic treatment is recommended for prevention of hypertension in whom risk factors are present.
  • The treatment is aimed at restoring the Vata balance.

Herbs used in treating hypertension

  • Sarpgandha          Rauwolfia serpentina
  • Jatamansi             Nordostachys jatamansi
  • Garlic                     Allium sativum      
  • Ashwagandha       Withania somnifera
  • Vacha                     Acorus calamus

Ayurvedic drugs used

  • Sarpgandha Vatai
  • Mansyadi Kwath


Oil containing herbs is poured onto the head for sometime while the person is lying down. It relaxes the mind.