Hepatitis A

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Hepatitis A vaccine protects from Hepatitis (inflammation of liver), caused by Hepatitis A virus.  This virus is one of the most common cause of viral hepatitis.

Mode of spread

Hepatitis A commonly spreads by contaminated food and water. A person infected with with the disease may shed the virus in large quantities in the stool (especially during the early stage of disease). As a result the person unknowingly transmits the infection to others.

Clinical Symptoms

  • It presents as feverweaknessloss of appetitenausea or vomitingupper abdominal pain and jaundice.
  • In children less than 5 years, most infections result in no/mild symptoms.
  • Children above 5 years (especially 10 years) are more likely to develop jaundice and it’s complications.
  • Severe form of infection may lead to massive liver damage and can be fatal at times.