Rabies Specific Immune Globulin

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Rabies Specific Immune Globulin is used as apreventive measure against Rabiestogether with anti rabies vaccine after contact with a rabid animal.

  • RIG are ready antibodies which confer protection to the exposed person until the vaccines start to act (i.e. induces the body to produce it’s own antibodies). Hence, it is also known as passive immunization.
  • It is of particular importance in a disease like rabies because, these ready antibodies provide immediate blockage of attachment of the rabies virus to the nerve-endings and thus, curtails it’s spread.
  • However, the passive antibody ultimately disappears and must be replaced by the active response provided by the vaccine.
  • It is available as Human Rabies Immune globulin. The main advantage over horse immune globulin being that it eliminates the chances of side effects (serum sickness) experienced with it in 1% recipients.