Killed Vaccine

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Type of vaccine

  • Monovalent killed vaccine has killed, preserved bacteria which causes typhoid.
  • It is available in liquid and freeze dried form.
  • It is stored in lowermost compartment of fridge. DO NOT FREEZE.
  • It is 60 to 65% effective.

Dosage & schedule

  • It is the only typhoid vaccine which can be given under 2 years of age.
  • It can safely be given after 6 months of age.
  • 2 doses4 weeks apart are given subcutaneous (SC) by an injection on anterolateral aspect of thigh.
  • Dose: < 10 years is 0.25ml;  > 10 years is 0.5 ml
  • A booster dose is recommended after every 3 years.

Side effects

  • Local pain, swelling, redness, fever with chills and severe headache.
  • Very rarely, severe reactions like an allergic reaction, chest pain, liver damage, neurological problems and arthritis.


History of allergic or severe reaction following the previous dose.