Impact of cell phones on Health

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Impact of cell phones on Health

Modern technology and technological advances are often greeted with suspicion. The current commodity in this list is cell phone. There are wide spreading rumors about the serious side effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phones. Two important organs on which the effects of these radiations are studied in great details are brain and heart.

To find out the effect of electromagnetic radiation (emitted through cell phone) on human health, some studies are done in Europe and United States. These studies found that there is no direct link between the handheld mobile phones and brain cancer. The scientists revealed that the intensity of electromagnetic energy emitted from these phones is low and it can not be related to brain cancer.

Besides this some other studies showed that the handheld mobile phones can also easily be used by the cardiac patients (excluding implanted cardiac pace maker). It has been observed that the cell phones can interfere with pacemakers (although these incidences are observed in only 7% of phone calls placed by pacemaker patients). These incidents can further be reduced by not holding the phone over pacemaker. Some other precautions which can be taken by the pacemaker patients are:

  • Holding the phone at a distance while dialing
  • Using analogue phones as they are bit safer than the newer digital models

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