Increased incidences of Heart Attacks during holidays

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Increased incidences of Heart Attacks during holidays

We go for holidays to relax and celebrate for some days but the stress of last minute packing, arguing over petty things and busy airports, makes them a season of headaches instead. But the point is that, is there any relation between holidays stress and heart attacks?

According to some scientists of University of California, San Diego majority of the deaths (which occurs from heart attacks and other illnesses) often occur before major social occasions, like holidays and cultural events. In their recent study, appearing in the latest issue of the journal circulation, they’ve found that in the last 30 years, most of the deaths in U.S, which happened to be from heart disease, occurred on Christmas Day, Dec 26 and New Year’s Day. The rate on those days was 11.9% higher than normal for that time of the year.

They named the whole incident as “Holiday effects” .This Holiday effect not only causes deaths from heart attacks but also from other natural causes and other diseases. This indicates that stress might not be the main perpetrator. According to scientists some other factors such as staffing, shift changes at hospitals (which results in poorer medical care) and patient’s attitude of delaying treatment until after the holidays are also responsible for this effect.

So we conclude that people are more expected to die from heart diseases and other problems during the holidays.

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