Carbohydrate count

For the ease of diabetes patients, the concept of carbohydrate count has been introduced in meal planning. Simply speaking carbohydrate count  means the approximate amount of carbohydrate present in any food item.

The recommended carbohydrate intake is suggested in the form of carbohydrate counts (or food products). For example, one slice of bread contains approx. 15 gms of carbohydrates i.e. it’s carbohydrate count is 15. With the help of this concept carbohydrate requirement can be translated in the terms of easily available food products.

Carbohydrate count of some common food items
Food Carbohydrate count
1 bread slice or 15 grams
½ bowl boiled rice or 15 grams
1 chapati or 15 grams
½ bowl poha or 15 grams
½ bowl dalia or 15 grams
½ bowl upma or 15 grams
2 small idlis or 15 grams
2 –3 biscuits 15 grams
30 gm pulse 17 grams
2 apples or 20 grams
2 bananas or 20 grams
1 medium size papaya or 20 grams
250 gm grapes 20 grams