Imbalance of Dhatu and Mala

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Signs and symptoms of imbalance (Vikriti)

Dushya/Mala Signs/Symptoms of imbalance (Increase) Signs/Symptoms of imbalance (Decrease)
Ras Weak digestive power, water brash, laziness, heaviness in limbs, difficulty in breathing, cough, increased sleep, cold and pale skin. Dryness, fatigue, intolerance to sound.
Rakta Enlarged spleen, pus filled cavities, Skin disorders, gout, haemorrhages, Jaundice, moles, warts and redness in eyes and skin . Inclination towards sour taste and cold things, dryness .
Maans Goitre, tumors, swellings, enlarged lymph glands, and enlarged abdomen. Weakened senses, dryness, emaciation, painful joints.
Med Symptoms and signs resembling that of increased  Maans, fatigue, difficulty in breathing and obesity. Reduced sensation (touch) in lumbar (Kati/ lower back) region, enlarged spleen, leanness.
 Asthi Abnormal increase in the size or number of bony tissue. Painful bones , falling of teeth, hair or nails.
Majja Heaviness in eyes, limbs, painful eruptions and thickened finger joints. giddiness, appearance of darkness before eyes and weakened bones.
Shukra Increased sexual desire, spermolith. Delayed ejaculation, blood discharge, painful testes, burning sensation in penis.
Mala imbalance
Faeces/ Purish Distended, heavy abdomen, gurgling sound in abdomen and painful abdomen. Flatulence and tenesmus.
Urine/ Mootra Pain in urinary bladder region (Hypogastric), Urge remains even after passing urine. Painful, scanty urination, discolored or blood contained urine.
Sweat/ Swed Increased, foul odoured sweat and  itching . Decreased sweat, falling hair (Rom) on body and cracked skin.