Carbohydrates & Sugars

Carbohydrates and sugars intake

Long-term usage of Corticosteroids and other steroids decreases the body’s ability to utilize the blood glucose. Due to this, sometimes increased glucose levels (hyperglycemia) are recorded in the patient. This particular condition is also known as steroid induced Diabetes.

You can avert this condition simply by avoiding simple sugars or sugar made products such as sugar, honey, molasses, syrup, pie, doughnuts, puddings, ice cream, fruit ice, jelly, sherbets, jam, jellies, marmalade etc.

If you have already developed Hyperglycemia, then you have to change your meal pattern accordingly. Some important dietary guidelines that should be followed in such condition are

  • Take small frequent meals.
  • Avoid excess of fruits and tinned or canned fruits and fruit products.
  • Read all the food labels carefully so that you can find out whether the food item contains sugar, glucose, honey, sucrose, dextrose or corn syrup.