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Waiting Period for Kidney Transplant

If the kidney is obtained from a living donor, the recipient and the medical team usually will be able to schedule the time of transplant surgery. In such cases pre-transplant waiting period will be only a few weeks. However, if the kidney is awaited from a deceased (cadaver) donor then the recipients name is placed on a waiting list. The recipients consent is to be taken before putting him on the waiting list.

Once a kidney is available your chances of getting the kidney will depend upon various factors such as your:

  • blood group (A, B, 0, AB)
  • HLA type
  • Sensitization to HLA
  • Length of time on the waiting list
  • medical condition

Each of these and other factors are assigned a number of points. The person with the greatest number of points then receives the new kidney. This process can take up to months and years. The transplant team will keep the patients contact numbers with it so that he can be immediately contacted once a suitable kidney is available. Because the waiting period in such cases is too long periodic assessment of the recipient is essential to exclude any adverse events that may have occurred during the waiting period. Also the recipient should keep his/her transplant team updated about any problems or any new events such as:

  • Hospitalization
  • Any infections
  • Blood transfusion
  • Change in dialysis unit or dialysis schedule
  • Change in phone number
  • Going on a trip or being out of town