Diet rich in fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products, whole grain products, fish and nuts can help in maintaining normal blood pressure.
Yoga helps to strike a perfect balance between the mind and the body and harmony between man and the universe.
The key to a good health is good nutrition and the cornerstone for good nutrition is a balanced diet. A balanced diet is one that contains different food items in the right proportions and amounts, so that all the nutrients are provided in required quantities. To ensure the same, it is advisable to include in the diet the food items from various food groups as indicated in the food pyramid.
Use minimum amount of water for boiling vegetables and avoid boiling them for long to prevent excessive loss of nutrients.

It is a common misconception that homeopathy can only treat chronic diseases and a few acute diseases, but the fact is it that it has a much wider scope and has shown amazing results in the following cases as well.


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