Pada sanchalana

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Pada sanchalana



  • Stand erect with feet close together, knees together.
  • Hands along the thighs with fingers stretched out.
  • The legs, trunk and the head aligned in a straight line.

Stage 1 (Forward – backward movement)

I. Starting position (Sthiti): Tadasana

II.  Practice

  • Bring the right leg upwards and forwards and at the same time stretch the foot forward. Bring the leg back to center.
  • Then move the leg backwards, now stretching the foot backward. Bring it back to center.
  • This is one round. Practice ten rounds.
  • Repeat the same practice with the left leg.


  • Do not bend the knee at any stage of the practice.
  • You can keep your hands on the waist, or can have wall support for proper balance.
  • The leg movement should be continuous.
  • Gradually increase the speed and mobility, within your limit.
  • Raise the leg forward/ backward as much as you can.

Stage 2 (Sideways movement)

I. Starting position (Sthiti):  Tadasana

II.  Practice

  • Raise the right leg sideways to the right as much as you can.
  • Return to the center and then move it towards left.
  • This is one round. Repeat ten times.
  • Repeat it in the same way with the left leg.

III.  Breathing  (for both stages) Normal breathing.