Sit up from lying down

Sit up from lying down


  • Lie down on the back with the legs, feet and knees together.
  • Stretch the hands straight above the head, biceps touching the ears and the palms facing the ceiling.
  • Close the eyes.

I. Starting position (Sthiti): Supine

II. Practice

  • From the lying position while breathing in come up to Dandasana*, with the arms stretched above the head. Do not lift the legs while coming up to Dandasana.
  • Fold the knees and sit up on the feet. Arms are above the head. Buttocks above the ground.
  • Push the buttocks back to Dandasana.
  • Slide down to starting position.
  • This is one round. Practise ten rounds.


  • Sit with both legs stretched , heels together.
  • Place the palms on the floor by the side of the buttocks.
  • Make the spine , neck and head erect.
  • Close the eyes.