Low-tar cigarettes are also dangerous

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Low-tar cigarettes are also dangerous

A new study appeared In British Medical Journal shows that the risk of lung cancer is same for the people who smoke medium, low-tar or very low-tar cigarettes. These results indicated that the different claims made by manufacturing companies regarding the benefits of medium or low tar cigarettes are just not right, and they are in no means better than normal regular cigarettes. Sometimes the chain smokers switch to lower tar cigarettes in hopes of continuing with their habit and hoping to not experience the consequences of higher tar cigarettes.

In the above mentioned study 364000 men and 577000 women are sampled and researchers tried to find out the relationship between the tar content of cigarettes and death from lung cancer over six years. The results revealed that those who smoked very low tar (7 mg or less) and low tar (8 � 14 mg) cigarettes faced the risk of lung cancer as smokers who used medium tar (15-21 mg) brands.

Other factors such as demography, diet, occupational and medical histories did not affect the data. However, people who smoked non filtered cigarettes with tar ratings of more than 22 milligrams or more had higher risks of lung cancer. The final conclusion was that people who smoked any brand of tar cigarettes faced a higher risk of lung cancer than those who had never smoked or who had quit.

Reducing the use of high-tar non-filter cigarettes may have limited health benefits in countries like China, France and Eastern Europe and perhaps even in India, where they are commonly used and make up to 20% of cigarette sales. Non filter cigarettes make up less than 1% of sales in the United States and United Kingdom.

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