Noisy job environments may increase the risk of heart attack

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Noisy job environments may increase the risk of heart attack

It has been known that chronic exposure to noise at work increases the risk of high blood pressure. Now a new study suggests that people work in noisy environment may have a higher chance of heart attack as well.

Researchers found that people who were exposed to the most noise as part of their job at lumber mills were 50% more likely to have a heart attack over a 45-year period, relative to the general population of British Columbia. The results of this study illustrate the significant weakness in our approach to reducing the risk of adverse health effects from noise and more effort should be done in reducing noise levels in the workplace. To protect the employees/workers employers should implement some changes in the workplace that cut back on noise.

In another study, it has been found that men who lived by noisy road traffic for at least 10 years were 80% more likely to experience a heart attack. This study concluded that chronic exposures to high levels of traffic noise increases the risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Researchers of this study explained that noise tells our body that we are in a stressful situation. Humans react to this loud noise as a warning or something about to happen and in response our body reacts by increase heart rate and blood pressure or by inducing hormonal changes.

Over a period of time chronic noise can cause those changes to become permanent, keeping a worker’s blood pressure constantly high or inducing them to gain weight – both these factors can increase the risk of heart problems.

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