According to a new research a normal blood pressure readings up to a late age (50 years) may add an average of five years to people’s lives.

In this study, 3128 people are tracked as they celebrated their 50th birthday while enrolling in the Framingham Heart Study. This is a large, multi-generational study which examines the various risk factors of heart diseases.

The study results indicated that a normal blood pressure readings (BP) at age 50 are directly associated with a longer life span (at least by 5 years). On the contrary the people who had elevated BP levels have lower life expectancy. Not only this, the blood pressure levels also found to be associated with risk of cardiovascular diseases. It was found that the normal BP group developed cardiovascular disease 7.2 years later as compared to the people who had elevated BP levels.

This study has further confirmed the beneficial effect of maintaining normal blood pressure levels and role of blood pressure in increasing life expectancy and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.