Nutrition in children 2 years or older

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One of the joys of parenthood is to see your child grow. The sure way of enjoying this is to ensure proper nutrition for your child. All parents want their children to be healthy. As growing children go through remarkable physical changes of all kinds, food intake becomes a critical aspect for their growth and development.  Recent research shows that nourishing food not only makes a child healthier and prevents disease, it makes him emotionally more stable and it improves school performance. It appears then that paying attention to our children’s diets pays high dividends. It is up to the parents to be clever about insinuating nutritious foods into the family menus.



A variety of foods provide nutrients that young children need to build strong bodies and stay healthy. A balanced diet should include food from all food categories. No single food group is more important than the other. It is not necessary to force any particular kind of food for children. Their food preferences average out over a period of time.