Following table will help you in selecting right kind of food items for children depending on their age.


5-6 months


  • Food to be given:
    • Cereals: Rice is the best cereal to begin with. Rice with moong dal in the form of a khichri or phirni is nutritious. Other cereals preperations like rava kheer, thin wheat seera, dalia, ragi (minor cerels,used in south india),  biscuits soaked in milk can be introduced later.
    • A highly nutritious mix can be made by roasting, grinding and mixing equal parts of rice, wheat, nachni (ragi) and moong dal. The mixed powder is stored in an airtight container. This powder can be used for making a thin kheer with milk and sugar or a thin seera with ghee.
  • Mashed Fruit:
    • Start with a quarter of a mashed banana (with a little milk added) and increase the quantity every week. Later stewed apple (peel, cut into bits, steam and mash with a spoon) papaya, chikkoo, mango, pear, plums may be given.
  • Fruit Juice: 
    • Mosambi, orange, apple juice may be offered like a drink between feeds.
  • Vegetables: 
    • Start with a thin soup made of carrots, pumpkin, beetroot, and tomatoes. Later add peas, beans and leafy vegetables. Gradually thicken the soup similar to mashed vegetables.
  • Time:
    • 9-10 am and 7 pm (need not be strict clock wise).
  • Number of feeds:
    • 2 solid feeds.


6 – 9 Months


  • Food to be given: Eggs:
    • Eggs are given at last because they can be allergy inducing. Start with the yellow part until 1 year of age (soft boiled – boil for 3 minutes). Eggs are rich in cholesterol. Do not offer more than three times a week.
  • Potatoes:
    • Mashed potatoes with a bit of butter and mashed vegetables.
  • Protein Foods:
    • like pulses, fish and minced meat can be started at 9 months.
  • Curd / Yoghurt 
  • Time:
    • 9-10 am 1-2 pm & 7-8 pm
  • Number of feeds:
    • 3 solid feeds


9 – 12 months


  • Food to be given:
    • Gradually introduce a full family diet. Upma, idli, chapattis, rice-dal and non-vegetarian foods can be offered.
  • Number of feeds:
    • 4 solid feeds and an additional snack around 4 PM are offered.