Calcium supplements may interfere with thyroid replacement therapy

Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland) is a common condition in women around menopause (40 years and above). Incidentally this group is also at a risk of developing osteoporosis (bone loss); […]

Multivitamin supplements reduces risk of birth defects:

There has been an aware increase in the intake of vitamin supplements during pregnancy in the past few years. In fact, the link between such supplements and a healthy […]

Food intake should be synchronized with blood group

Dr. Peter J.D’ Adamo has shown that there is a relationship between blood group and food intake. According to him, blood type refers one’s own internal chemistry. Actually it […]

Prebiotics and probiotics: new concept in dietary supplements:

A probiotic is a microbial dietary supplement that beneficially affects the intestinal tract.  Prebiotics are indigestible food ingredients and what they essentially do is selectively stimulate the growth and/or […]

Dietary supplements and mental health

Various investigations have established a relationship between diet and brain development and/or functions. Some examples of this relationship are neural tube defects (neural tube in the embryo gives rise […]

Vitamin supplements can improve mood disorders

Some clinical trials have established that Vitamin B Complex (especially thiamine, riboflavin and pyridoxine) can lessen mood swings in males as well as females. However, the effect is noted to […]

Diet rich in milk may reduce heart disease risk

A recent study has revealed that a diet high in milk may protect against stroke and other heart diseases. These results contradicted the earlier findings which claimed that high […]

Skipping meals to lose weight is not effective

A new study showed that increasing meal frequency could help in controlling obesity. This study indicated that people who eat more frequently during the day have almost half the […]

Walnuts beneficial for diabetics

According to a new research done by Australian nutritionists, walnuts may help in improving cholesterol levels in people with type 2 Diabetes.

In the study, the researchers enrolled 55 people […]

Low glycemic index foods better than low-fat diet

A recently conducted small study done at Boston revealed that foods with a low GI (glycemic index), which are digested relatively slowly and causes smaller rise in blood sugar, […]