Frequently Asked On Diabetes

Q: Can I include some sweets in my meals?
A: You should avoid commercially available sweets and desserts (especially cakes, pastries, ice-creams, processed cheese, khoa and khoa based products). If your diabetes is well controlled, you can have sweets having […]

Healthy Eating For Diabetes

Simple dietary modifications can help a lot in maintaining the optimal blood sugar (glucose) levels. A proper diet puts you in the driver’s seat in your journey towards diabetes control.

While making a diet plan, you should keep the following […]

Iron Supplements can reduce fatigue

It is well established that iron deficiency results in anemia, which leads to fatigue. However, fatigue in the absence of anemia is relatively common. A recent study finds that giving iron supplements to women with fatigue (without anemia) reduced […]

Yoga in Rheumatic diseases

Nowadays more and more physicians are recognizing yoga as a complementary therapy and incorporating it in treatment of patients.

Recent studies of yoga on rheumatic diseases have shown that the use of yoga postures (asanas) improved the patients’ overall well […]


Combination drugs for Migraine

Results of a recently concluded study showed that a combination of sumatriptan and an anti-inflammatory drug (naproxen) provides significantly greater pain relief as compared to either drug alone.

Triptans have […]

Newer therapies for Type 2 Diabetes

In a clinical study, done at Dallas Diabetes and Endocrine Center researchers assessed the effects of oral insulin on type 2 diabetes patients. They found that the treatment with […]

Diabetes gene found in an Iceland study

A gene is identified through the study of Iceland’s comprehensive records, which is supposed to be responsible for the predisposition of type 2 diabetes. According to the study researchers, […]

Integrated therapy for knee arthritis

A recently published study report (by Taiwanese researchers) has shown that the therapy that includes exercise, ultrasound and hyaluronan injections is very effective in relieving pain and disability caused […]

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Exercise at Leisure- the answer to a healthy heart

A recent study has shown that where excessive physical strain at work may increase the risk of heart disease manifold, doing leisure time exercises can actually prevent heart diseases.

According […]

Walking helps Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease patients

Studies have found that exercising can reduce the rate of hospitalization in Chronic Bronchitis patients. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a lung disease caused mainly by cigarette smoking. The […]

How does exercise help in managing the joint movement?

Exercises or physical activities help in strengthening the muscles and joint stability, so that it can bear the pressures or load of the body, even though the degeneration has […]

Walking helps Chronic Bronchitis patients

Studies have found that doing exercise can reduce the rate of hospitalisation in COPD patients. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a lung disease caused mainly by cigarette smoking. The […]

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Role of Nutrition in mental health

Vitamins are powerful antioxidants, but they play a crucial for the body in other respects too. According to recent studies vitamin B is essential for proper mental development as […]

Role of High-Protein diets in weight-loss

High-protein diets (in which more than 30% of required calories are coming from protein alone) are currently one of the most popular (as well as controversial) weight-loss techniques. However, […]

High-Glycemic Foods linked with Colon Cancer Risk

A new study has found that foods having high glycemic index may not only increase your risk for type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent diabetes) and obesity but also make […]

Mixing alternative medicine/dietary supplements with conventional heart treatment risky

A recently conducted survey has found that more and more heart patients are turning towards alternative treatment and dietary supplements as compared to the healthy population. It was observed […]

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