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Pitta control diet for migraine

A two-year research conducted at Vaidya Chandra Prakash Cancer Research Foundation (VCPCRF) has proved that migraine is caused in patients due to a disorder in tridosha (a mind-body disorder caused by the imbalance of vata, pitta and kapha components of body).

This research has also suggested that frequent headaches associated with migraine occurs when the pitta moves into the cardiovascular system, circulates and moves into the blood vessels around the brain. So, a treatment comprises of pita pacifying foods and herbs should be used for treating frequent migraine attacks. However, migraine patients should avoid spicy foods, fermented foods (bread, buns, alcohol, beer and other alcoholic beverages, idli, dosa, vada etc.) and sour-citrus fruits.

The study was conducted on 104 patients (who opted for the ayurvedic treatment for migraine) at Chandigarh. At the end of the trial, 67 patients reported complete disappearance of the symptoms and further episodes of the attack. On the basis of the results, a working hypothesis has been designed and experiences are shared in other parts of the country including VCPCRF at Banglore (one of the nine centres at Karnataka).

Vaidya Balendu Prakash of VCPCRF showed the prima-facia effect of his self prepared ayurvedic medicines in the treatment of migraine which could control pitta conditions. He further explained that the blood vessels dilate due to the hot quality of pitta, which in turn exerts pressure on the nerves resulting in migraine.

Therefore an integrated approach of modern medicine and ayurveda is needed for the treatment of migraine because it is a very common health condition and affects upto 15% population of India with a female to male ratio of 3:1.

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