Sitkari Pranayama

I. Starting position

II. Practice

  • Fold the tip of the tongue inwards and press the root of the upper palate with the tip of the tongue. The folded tongue slightly comes out between the two rows of teeth and provides a narrow opening on both the sides.
  • Slowly suck the air, which enters in through the two sides of the tongue, diffuse throughout the mouth and move down the trachea into the lungs.
  • Promote Kevala Kumbhaka and feel its effects. Automatic effortless stoppage of breath at any stage of breathing is called Kevala Kumbhaka. 
  • The warm air is exhaled out slowly through the trachea, and the nostrils and the breath stops automatically.
  • The deep relaxation obtained due to cooling, extends the Kevala Kumbhaka.
  • This completes one round of Sitkari. Repeat nine rounds.