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  • Mix camphor (four grams) in 100 ml coconut oil and massage it twice daily. Preferably once after taking bath on dried hair and another before retiring to bed.
  • Apply lemon juice on scalp half an hour before washing hair followed by hair wash  with lukewarm water.
  • Use reetha shampoo.
  • Pour the boiling water (two cups) over the peppermint leaves, and cover to let the mixture steep overnight. strain and mix with vinegar (one cup apple cider vinegar). Use half cup as a final rinse after shampooing.
  • You can use this remedy without apple-cider vinegar also.
  • Massage scalp with neem oil (in a sesame oil base) daily.
  • Mix some egg white with lime juice and apply it to hair. Let it stay for half an hour and wash the hair thereafter with neem soap.

De addiction

For smoking or tobacco

  • Mix 100 grams of ajwain (omum) seedssaunf (fennel) seeds and 60 grams black salt and grind them to a fine powder consistency. Add some lemon juice in this and keep it overnight. On the next morning dry this mixture on low flames and store it in an airtight container. Add some water and make tablets of it. Whenever there is a desire to smoke take some powder or 1-2 tablets.
  • Whenever there is an urge of smoking chew small harad.
  • Mix finely powdered cinnamon in pure honey and keep it in a glass bottle and whenever you feel like smoking take this.
  • Regularly take onion juice at the dosage of 25 ml.
  • Whenever you feel like smoking, chew some pieces of dried pineapple. You can add some honey in it.

For alcohol

  • Take apple or apple juice in your regular meals.
  • Coarsely grind ajwain (omum) seeds (500grams). Soak them in 8 liters of water for two days either in glass or earthen pot. Heat it on low flames till it remains one fourth. Remove it from gas and sieve it. Now, store this in a bottle. Whenever there is a desire to drink take 15 ml of this liquid instead alcohol. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to show it’s effect.

For tea

  • Boil one clove, two pepper and four tulsi (holy basil) leaves in a glass of water. Add mishri or sugar powder and milk according to the requirement. Drink this instead of tea.

Dental problems

  • Mix half teaspoon finely powdered salt (sendha) in  four parts of mustard oil. Now use this mixture for gentle massage of gums and teeth. Afterwards apply the remaining mixture on teeth and rinse the mouth with either lukewarm or normal water.
  • You can use turmeric powder instead of salt (sendha) in the above mentioned remedy.
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon salt (sendha) in a cup of water. Rinse your mouth with this water daily before retiring to bed.
  • Use neem datuns daily early in the morning.
  • For teeth and gums care
    • Try to eat four figs (anjeer) daily by chewing them well.
    • Gently tap your teeth together 5-6 times daily.
    • Massage your gums daily with sesame oil.

For tooth ache

  • Peel ginger and cut it into small pieces. Put the pieces between aching teeth.
  • Boil one part til (sesame) seeds with 3 parts water until the liquid is reduced by half. Cool the decoction and apply directly to the  aching tooth.
  • Apply some clove oil directly on the aching tooth.


  • Crush 1 teaspoon of methi (fenugreek) seeds and soak them in a glass of water overnight. In morning crush them properly and sieve them and take them without adding sugar.
  • Add half teaspoon saunf (fennel seeds) in the above mentioned remedy. This remedy is especially beneficial to the patients of pitta prakriti.
  • Crush jamun (jambu fruit) leaves in 60 ml water. Mash the leaves properly in water and sieve it. Take this on an empty stomach.
  • Chew jamun leaves (4-5 no.) at early morning and evening.
  • Dry the jamun seeds at shade. Grind these seeds up to the powder consistency. Take one teaspoon this powder twice daily with fresh water.
  • Mix half teaspoon tej patta (bay leaves) powder and half teaspoon turmeric powder in 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel. Take this mixture twice daily before meals.
  • Take some turmeric powder after meals.
  • Put one cup of water in a copper vessel at night and drink this water in the morning.


  • Mix 1-2 teaspoon Isabgol husk in curd (125grams) and take this twice daily.
  • Take thin buttermilk (200ml) with roasted cumin seed powder and black salt after meals.
  • Roast  equal quantities of sweet saunf (aniseed) and white cumin seeds. Grind them to a powder. Take 1 teaspoon of this powder at three hours interval with fresh water.
  • Dried amla (10 grams) and black harad (5 grams) are to be grinded up to a fine powder consistency. Take one gram of this powder twice daily with water.
  • Take barley water.
  • Take peppermint tea.
  • Take ripe bananas.
  • In cases of excessive thirst, water boiled with coriander seeds should be given (after straining).Pomegranate juice can be also given frequently, in small quantities.
  • A decoction prepared from pomegranate skin is very useful to stop diarrhea. Take about 50 grams of fresh pomegranate skin. Soak it in about 800 ml. of water for one hour. Boil it until a quarter of the volume remains (200 ml). Store this mixture in a clean, dry bottle. A couple of tablespoons can be taken several times a day. If there is blood in the stools, mix half a teaspoon of honey with this decoction.
  • Another helpful remedy is a sugar and salt solution. Mix about one teaspoon of sugar and about half a teaspoon of common salt in a cup of water. Small doses of this mixture (around a quarter of a cup) can be given whenever the patient wants to drink.
  • A paste made of sesame seeds (1 teaspoon) and a few tablespoons of goat’s milk is good.
  • Eat a cup of yogurt daily.
  • Mix half teaspoon ginger powder with one teaspoon natural sugar chew this mixture with some warm water. take twice or thrice daily for two to three days.
  • Drink a cup of hot black coffee with some lime juice and a pinch of cardamom and nutmeg.

Diarrhoea in babies

  • Remove the skin and seeds of apple and cook them. In cooked apples add half teaspoon ghee and a pinch of cardamom, stir up well and give this to baby.
  • Mix one teaspoon honey, half teaspoon ghee, a pinch of nutmeg and a pinch of saffron. Give this mixture to baby.

Disorders of spleen

  • Mix ajwain (omum) seed powder and salt (sendha) in 4:1 ratio. Take this powder after meals with lukewarm water.
  • You can use only ajwain (omum) seed powder also.

Dry skin

  • Apply some oil (sesame, sunflower, coconut or corn) on skin.
  • Apply a pulp of fresh cherries to your face at night. Let it dry on face for 15 minutes then wash it off.

Dysentery with bleeding

  • Grind 10 grams bael fruit, 10 grams dried coriander seeds, 20 grams mishri separately and mix them. Take 5 grams of this mixture with water twice daily.