Risk of cancer not related to the personality of a person

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Risk of cancer not related to the personality of a person

The findings of a new study have taken precedence over the findings of some earlier studies that had linked cancer to certain personality types. According to the earlier studies people with Type I personality (extrovert, hostile, restless and impatient nature) are at increased risk of having cancer. But a recent study shows that the personality of a person does not affect the risk of having cancer. In the new study ,30,277 people were given a personality test called the “Eysenck Personality Questionnaire” and 7 years later the researchers studied them to find who developed cancer and who didn’t.
This test basically looks for four main personality traits to assess the personality of a person. These include:

  • Extroversion-Introversion : Extroverts are outgoing, socially confident people. They love to take challenges and act on the spur of the moment. Introverts on other hand are of shy, reserved types. They don’t lose temper easily, plan ahead and value ethics.
  • Neuroticism : Those having high “N” scores are overanxious, oversensitive. They have trouble calming down and also complain of vague physical symptoms.
  • Psychoticism : Those having high “P” scores tend to be aggressive, cruel, lack compassion.
  • Lie : People who score high on this scale are traditionalist. They “fake good” in order to please others.

The researchers analyzed the personality of the participants with the help of these traits and after 7 years found that there was no link between any of the personality types and cancer. However, those participants who already had cancer or who developed cancer 3 years later scored high on “N” scale. But in no way was “N” personality responsible for cancer. Infact, researchers suggest that it is basically cancer, which is responsible for “N” personality and tend to make a person anxious and sensitive.

Hence, it really does not matter whether a person is outgoing, aggressive, emotional or anxious as personality in no way affects the risk of developing cancer.

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