Role of High-Protein diets in weight-loss

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Role of High-Protein diets in weight-loss

High-protein diets (in which more than 30% of required calories are coming from protein alone) are currently one of the most popular (as well as controversial) weight-loss techniques. However, most of the scientific studies showed that high-protein diets are not very effective in weight-loss. The weight loss by high protein diets may be due to water loss. Moreover, high protein diet can cause calcium loss through urine. This in turn can lead to calcium deficiency in long-term and also predisposes individuals to kidney stones and other kidney problems. Moreover, overemphasis on only one nutrient can cause some nutritional imbalances also. The researchers concluded that following a high protein; low carbohydrate diet is not the best way to lose excess body fat. More long-term studies are needed before these diets can be deemed safe.

Therefore it is advisable to take a balanced diet comprised of various food groups like cereals, pulses, egg, chicken, nuts, fruits and vegetable.

Note – diabetics and kidney patients should strictly avoid high protein diets. It is necessary to consult your physician and/or dietitian before starting such type of diet therapy.

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