Scientists find a clue as to why women worry more

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Scientists find a clue as to why women worry more

According to a survey women are two times more likely than men to worry about something for a week or even longer. To find out the reason scientists recently conducted a study and discovered a genetic factor that may be responsible for this extra worrying nature of women.
The scientists identified a gene that encodes COMT (Catechol-O-methyltranferase). COMT is an enzyme that is responsible for metabolism of certain neurotransmitters, and helps reduce, stress or anxiety. Some studies have shown that the female hormone, estrogen lowers the level of COMT (responsible for decreasing stress). In addition to this a particular form of COMT gene called COMT Met 158/Met 158 decreases the COMT levels 3-4 times. Hence, inheriting this form of COMT gene can make the women even more prone to anxiety. 

Another study conducted on a group of men and women showed that women having a particular genetic makeup called COMT Met158/Met158 scored highest for anxiety as compared to those women who lacked that particular genetic makeup. The researchers also observed that females with COMT Met158/Met158 also displayed a low voltage alpha EEG (a kind of brain pattern) that is specifically associated with anxiety disorders. On the other hand, men having COMT Met158/Met158 genotype did not rank as high on anxiety tests as the women and they also did not have the low-voltage alpha EEG. 

Hence, these studies may finally explain why women are more anxious than men.

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