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Premature Ejaculation

  • This is the commonest sexual problem among men.
  • About 35 – 40% of individuals with sexual problems, complaint of early ejaculation at some stage of their sexual life.


  • It has been found in various surveys that around 10% of men over 18 years of age suffer from this problem.
  • As the age goes up, the problem tends to increase.
  • According to one survey each and every man above 40 has at least once had a fear of being impotent and in fact 50 – 70% of men beyond 75 years of age are impotent.


  • An estimate of 20% of the general population do suffer from this problem.
  • This problem is much more common in women.


  • As per the US Bureau of the census the male prevalence rate for homosexuality is 2 – 3%.
  • There are about 10% men who were exclusively homosexual, for at least three years.
  • Among women, it has been found that about 2% of adult female population were predominantly homosexual.
  • At least 4% of men are exclusively homosexual throughout their lives.

  Loosing vitality (Semen / Dhat / Vital fluid)

  • It is known condition in Indian subcontinent including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.
  • It is also seen in China, Taiwan and other Asian countries.
  • Exact data are not available as different culture have different meaning for the condition.


  • As for as male masturbation is concerned, almost every man masturbates in his life time, however about the women masturbation, the figure varies from 35 – 70%. So there are women who are not able to enjoy masturbation.