• The individuals with this problem are not able to attain or maintain erection of penis for the purpose of a satisfactory sexual activity.
  • Most of the time they fail to penetrate the vagina (an occasional failure to penetrate or achieve erection does not merit any concern).
  • Others may loose tumescence immediately after the penetration.
  • The problem may appear at any time of sexual life. Often the person with such problem claim that they had perfectly normal sexual life in the past and the problem of erection appeared recently.
  • Some individuals may have the problem right since the beginning of sexual life.
  • At times the problem is situational. That is, the person is not able to achieve erection with a specific partner (say regular partner or wife) but is able to have sustained erection while masturbation or with some other partner.

What are the other problem associated with impotence?

  • Individual with impotence often develop fear about sexual activity. Often they remain tense about it. This leads to frustration, low self-esteem and depression.
  • Often the impotence is the cause of unconsummated marriage, infertility, marital disharmony, divorce, etc.
  • Some people may loose interest in life and remain preoccupied with their sexual deficiencies. They virtually isolate themselves and  don’t show any interest in social activities. They often neglect their studies, occupation and self care and at times commit suicide.