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Counseling in sexual problems

  • Patient counseling involves exploration of conscious and unconscious conflicts, motivation, fantasy and interpersonal emotional problems and difficulties.
  • Patient counseling also involves exploration of other areas such as marital disharmony or misunderstanding in the marriage. So the marital relationship as a whole is a focus of treatment with emphasis on sexual functioning.
  • Usually the counseling does not recognizes the sick half of the couple and encourages both the partners to participate in therapy.
  • Communication in sexual and non sexual areas of patient are addressed.
  • Sexual exercise is prescribed with key emphasis on avoidance of demand for performance.
  • Specific exercise (sexual) is prescribed and couple is instructed to follow the exercise.
  • Need of the other partner is considered. If she gets excited she is relieved by manual or oral means.
  • Some form of therapies focuses on anxiety producing symptoms which helps the patients to gain control over the symptoms that is disrupting his life.
  • Group Therapies includes dealing with the problem by sharing it with others, as groups help in correcting the sexual myths / misconceptions and provides a strong support system for the patients who feel ashamed about their problem.
  • Group may comprise of 
    • All men group with same or diverse sexual problems. 
    • All women group with same or diverse sexual problems.
    • All couples with single problem.