Orgasmic Dysfunction

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Is it a common problem?

The problem increases with age and is a known problem among women. Around a quarter of women folk fail to achieve orgasm after sexual intercourse. This problem is also seen in  5% of male population.

Why some one fails to achieve orgasm?

Most of the time the problem is in the mind. Social restrictions, cultural expectations, inhibitions, feeling of guilt about sexual thoughts, fear of pregnancy, etc all have profound effect on the quality of orgasm. General medical conditions, drugs, alcohol, smoking, depression can also affect the orgasm.

The Problem

  • The person (men or women) with this problem are not able to achieve orgasm following a normal sexual excitement.
  • At times the problem is in the form of delayed orgasm when the individual can have the orgasm but is delayed significantly so that it is distressing to the person.
  • The problem is more common in females and at times is a source of great frustration.

What is the remedy?

If a medical condition is suspected to be the cause of the problem then it needs to be addressed first. If the problem persists even after correcting the medical condition, one should seek psychiatric help.