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  • Patients may display a variety of distressing problems that may be sexual or non sexual.
  • Because of early ejaculation many individuals remain preoccupied with the fact that they are not able to satisfy their partner.
  • Such individuals often develop fear of performing sexual activity and hence start avoiding sexual intercourse.
  • The condition by itself is too frustrating for the person as well as his partner and may often lead to interpersonal difficulties in the form of marital disharmony or divorce.
  • The person resorts to other means to sort out the problem like he may start drinking alcohol, seek help from quacks etc.
  • If the condition continues, the person may present with low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and death wishes.
  • At times he may isolate himself and withdraw from all kinds of social interactions and activities.
  • Often they are so depressed that they stop eating, neglect self care and tend to commit suicide.