What are the sexual behaviors of a homosexual?

  • The behavior of a homosexual individual is same as a heterosexual except for the obvious variations due to anatomical differences.
  • They also exhibit similar social interactions, tender feelings and level of function as those of heterosexual. In fact most of their problems also run parallel to that of a heterosexual. But at the same time there are some differences.

Homosexual men

  • The physical intercourse includes oral genital contact and mutual masturbation. The anal intercourse is practiced less often.
  • Usually there is a passive partner and an active partner. But often they change there roles.
  • Often passive agent adopts feminine mannerism, dressing and roles.
  • The relationships between homosexual men do not usually last as compared to that between men-women or women-women relationships.
  • As with heterosexual, promiscuity is seen among homosexuals.
  • Often they lead a stable life and are able to derive social and sexual satisfaction.

Homosexual Women

  • Physical intercourse between homosexual women includes caressing, breast stimulation, oral-genital contact and mutual masturbation. Often artificial gadgets are also used.
  • As with homosexual men, homosexual women also adopt active and passive roles. Some homosexual women behave and dress like men.
  • As stated above, female homosexual relationships are more stable than their male counter parts.
  • Tender feelings, intimacy and mutual responsiveness are more common in homosexual women and often it is the main source of satisfaction.