Psychological Problems with homosexuality

The interpersonal problems of homosexuals are comparable to that of heterosexuals but at the same time homosexuality is associated with special psychological problems due to its less understood social and legal status. They are :-

  • Guilt and low self esteem: Some times homosexual are puzzled by their sexual orientation often due to adverse social and cultural environment. This causes enormous guilt and distress to the concerned individual and hence they are more prone to depression and suicide.
  • Often the individual remains confused about their sexual orientation. Some sexually inexperienced young men who fear relationship with women conclude that they are homosexuals but in fact they are not one and can be counseled.
  • Similarly some individuals recognize that they have predominantly homosexual fantasies and tendencies but for the social compulsions they remain confused about their sexual orientation.
  • There is more chances for a homosexual to go for alcohol, smoking and other drugs.
  • Some homosexuals may not be able to derive sexual satisfaction which leads to frustration and interpersonal problems.
  • Because of the promiscuity and drug use among homosexuals, such individuals are more prone to HIV infection, AIDS andhepatitis.
  • Lack of family and children leaves the homosexuals with a sense of incompleteness and insecurity.

When to seek help?

Homosexuality per se is not considered to be abnormal until unless it causes significant distress and marked social and occupational impairment. It is then one should seek help.

Often the individual needs counseling when:

  • He/She is confused about his/her sexual orientation.
  • He/She is depressed or anxious or feel guilty or suicidal about it.
  • When he/she encounters marked distress and there is impairment in occupational functioning because of homosexuality or the problems arising out of it.
  • If he/she is abusing drugs.
  • Promiscuous homosexuals and the one who abuse drugs needs a counseling for there behavior and AIDS.
  • If a person feels that he can suppress his or her homosexual tendencies and needs a help about it.
  • For their sexual problems.