• Proper understanding of sexual interaction and good communication with the sexual partner is a key to satisfactory sexual life.
  • One should note the feelings and sensations during the ejaculation. Gradually one recognizes that there is point of inevitability beyond which ejaculation occurs. Once you master to predict this ejaculatory inevitability, you can easily control the ejaculation by adopting means prior to this point of no return.
  • Now what are the means one should adopt so that he can avoid ejaculation. There are certain methods which can be tried initially, for instance:
    • Start and stop technique: Basically the excessive stimulation is responsible for ejaculation. Here the person has to stop copulation (for a few moments) as soon as he senses that he is about to ejaculate. Once the ejaculation is aborted one can again start the copulation. This technique requires proper coordination and cooperation from the partner. Partner is also told about the technique so that she too can cooperate.
    • Change of Posture: One can stop thrusting and change the position when he recognizes the verge of ejaculation.
    • Squeeze technique: In this method the individual is advised to squeeze the tip of the penis as soon as he senses that he is going to ejaculate. By squeezing, the process of ejaculation (reflex) is stopped and one can again indulge in intercourse after a few moments.
  • Drugs: There are certain class of drugs that help in delaying ejaculation. But these drugs should be taken under supervision of a competent psychiatrist.
  • It can be helped by Behavioral Programme in which the partners co-operation is essential.
  • With experience, many persons evolve certain methods to delay the ejaculation and hence learn to control ejaculation. As they succeed in holding ejaculation they gain confidence and their sexual life becomes satisfactory. Those who can’t, can easily be guided to have satisfactory sexual life. The condition is usually treatable.