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There are certain means that some people adopt which either never work or have dangerous consequences in the long run.

Myth : Using double condom can prolong the sexual intercourse and hence is more satisfying.

Fact : This method only takes away the pleasure from the male for it causes numbness of the penis.

Myth : Using anesthetic jelly in order to desensitize the penis leads to prolonged intercourse.

Fact : This method also causes numbness of vagina (in the female) and hence takes away the pleasure from both the partners.

Myth : Using injections locally on the penis can lead to a life long solution for satisfactory sex.

Fact : Penis may shrink by long term use of such injections. Risk of infection is always there and the injections are painful. They also require lot of pre-planning as well as the requisite skills.

Myth : Alcohol or other tranquilizers can prolong the sexual intercourse.

Fact : Risk of dependence on these stimulants is present. It can also lead to impotence.

Myth : Steroids or testosterones increase the sexual vigor.

Fact : This may lead to impotence and should only be prescribed by physicians to the set of patients suffering from their deficiency.

Myth : Diverting one’s mind to something other than sex.

Fact : You may loose the erection altogether and will have to start afresh.

Myth : Excessive masturbation.

Fact : The charm of sexual intercourse with one’s partner is lost (leading to marital disharmony).