What causes transsexualism ?

  • The exact cause is unknown but it has been found that if a person is exposed to sex hormones opposite to his assigned gender prior to his or her birth then he / she is more likely to have this problem.
  • Environmental factors like cultural expectations, parental attitudes, peer group interactions also influence the gender role of the individual.

Is it treatable?

Actually the problem is in the “mind”, because the person is not able to accept the assigned sex, despite the fact that there is no problem with the functioning of the external genitalia or the body of the individual. Most of the time any form of psychotherapy (counseling) doesn’t help the person to accept the assigned gender. The medical and surgical options are more promising. What is the remedy?

The ideal remedy is some form of psychiatric help designed to help the person to accept his or her assigned gender. But in case the psychotherapy fails one is left with the option of ‘reassignment of sex’through surgical and medical means. Since ‘ sex change’ surgery is a one way to treat the problem where one can’t go back. The whole treatment should be carefully planned and should be executed in stages and after a proper pre-surgery counseling. Some experts advice to have a pre-surgery trial of cross gender life for three months to 1 year.