• People with this problem are convinced that they are of the gender opposite to that indicated by their external genitalia.
  • Person expresses extreme distress about the assigned sex.
  • The problem can start at any age. This may be in childhood, adolescence or adult hood.
  • Parents may notice that girl child with this problem shows no interest in playing with dolls or house games but instead they play rough and tough game and always choose male companions.
  • The girl child may urinate in standing position and always assert that she will grow into a man and will have a penis rather than breasts.
  • Boys with this problem remain preoccupied with feminine activities and prefer to dress like a girl, to be with girls and play the feminine games.
  • Adults with this problems wish to have sex organs of the opposite gender and feel unfortunate to be trapped in the body of opposite sex.
  • They frequently request for surgical or medical correction of their sex organs.