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Sukshma Vyayama – An introduction

This group of Asanas is concerned with loosening up the joints of the body. It eliminates energy blockages in the joints and outer extremities of the physical body and works on the Pranic and the mental level as well.

It is beneficial for those suffering from rheumatism, arthritis , high blood pressure, heart problems or other ailments where vigorous exercise is not advised.


  • The practice can be performed with awareness of the actual physical movements .
  • Peace, balance and one pointedness is induced by this method which in turn brings about harmony in the physical body.
  • The practice is to be performed in synchronization with breath.
  • The movements, in this case, become slower which in turn  slows down the brain waves, further enhancing relaxation and awareness. This method of practice has a greater influence at the physical and Pranic levels and is especially useful for harmonizing and revitalizing the body and improving the function of the internal organs.

Periodic rest

  • After every two or three movements, sit quietly in leg stretch position with the eyes closed.
  • Be aware of you breath and of the parts of the body that have been moved.
  • Also be aware of the thoughts and the feelings that come into the mind.
  • After a minute or so continue the practice.
  • Shavasana can be practised, if rest is required.


  • Only those muscles associated with any particular practice should be used while the rest of the body should be completely relaxed.
  • Close your eyes.