Full Butterfly



  • Sit with both legs stretched, heels together.
  • Place the palms on the floor by the side of the buttocks.
  • Make the spine, neck and head erect.
  • Close the eyes.

I. Starting position (Sthiti): Dandasana

  • Bend both the knees, draw the legs along the ground, to bring the soles of the feet to press each other and the heels touch the perineum.
  • Completely relax the inner thigh muscles.

II. Practice

Stage 1 (Holding the feet with the hands)

  • Hold the feet with the fingers.
  • Now gently bounce the knees up and down.
  • Try to touch the knees to the ground on the downward stroke with normal breathing.
  • Practise 30 to 50 up and down movements.

Stage 2 (Hands on the knees)

  • Place the hands on the knees.
  • Using the palms, gently push the knees down towards the ground, allowing them to spring up again.
  • Normal breathing.
  • Repeat 20 to 30 times.
  • Straighten the legs and relax.


  • Do not force the movements.
  • Try to keep the back, neck and head straight.
  • Also keep the trunk steady during the practice.

III. Breathing