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The symptoms of constipation are considered as common symptoms (almost present in all the patients) in Homeopathy, therefore to select a homeopathic medicine it is essential to take out some unusual or peculiar symptoms from each patient. This helps in individualizing a person. Lets see what happens when a person is constipated… common symptoms include:

  • Feeling of bloatedness and heaviness.
  • Sluggish, uncomfortable and irritable.
  • Cramping abdominal pain or colic (spasmodic intermittent pain).
  • Difficulty in passing stools. The person has to strain hard in order to pass the stool. Sometimes a constipated child while straining might get up from his seat, skew his body, clench his jaws and even turn red in his face.
  • Staining of child’s underwear with stools in otherwise normal child indicates piling up of stools in the rectum.
  • If the patient develops an anal fissure (a tear in perianal region), there can be excruciating pain while passing stools.
  • Nausea, vomiting, low appetite and weight loss may be present.
  • A constipated child usually feels lazy. In fact, if a child is not performing up to the mark or is not growing well, constipation should be ruled out.