TB comeback as a global threat

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TB comeback as a global threat

Medical science has shown tremendous improvement in the treatment of many dreadful diseases, including polio. But in spite of making such great leaps, it has failed to wipe out one of the world’s oldest and most awful disease called Tuberculosis (TB). According to an estimate TB is putting to death around 0.6 million people every year in the SAARC region alone.

Dr. Kashi Kant Jha, director at the SAARC TB Centre in Kathmandu states that “More people die of TB now than in the 19th century”.  Medical experts believe that TB may sooner or later can become untreatable due to multi-drug resistance. The outgrowth of diseases like HIV and AIDS has placed grievous challenges to treat the disease as both the diseases have co-infection. Due to this experts believe that close co-ordination between TB and HIV and/or AIDS programme is a must for eradicating TB.

In the year 1993, WHO (Worth Heath Organization) announced TB as a global emergency and suggested the treatment to be called as “directly observed therapy short course”, or DOTS. This scheme was developed and carried out by SAARC countries but even then, around one third of the globe was still under TB burden.

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