Tea could be beneficial for diabetes

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Tea could be beneficial for diabetes

Researchers are suggesting that tea may prove beneficial for diabetes patients. They add however that adding milk to it can decrease the benefits by a third. Some laboratory tests have shown that green, black and oolong tea can augment the action of insulin and at the same time increase the body’s ability to respond to insulin.

Experts suggest that tea contains some chemicals called polyphenols, which are in fact responsible for the health benefits of tea. Polyphenols have a protective effect against harmful free radicals in the body and also play an important role in killing bacteria, viruses and cancer cells.

In a recent study all the components (thought to be having an effect on insulin) were extracted and it was found that out of them only one component called epigallocatechin gallate was solely responsible for the effect on insulin. This chemical is a polyphenol and has antioxidant properties too. Laboratory studies have found that tea can enhance insulin efficiency by 20 times but still more studies have to be conducted to establish this fact and to reveal the long term effects of tea in controlling blood sugar.

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