Teen Depression linked to problems in adulthood

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Teen Depression linked to problems in adulthood

According to researchers teenagers who suffer from a major episode of depression are more likely to have a relapse (reappearance) in the early 20s that could interfere with their development and performance. These children are more likely to perform poorly at job or have social problems. Teen depression is usually common in children with weak family ties or broken families, small social circle and those who have been frequently treated for mental health problems.

A study was conducted on 900 teenagers to see whether the depression episodes were in any way related to their ability to successfully accomplish developmental tasks expected for their age (i.e. psychological competency). All the children were examined twice before they turned 19 and finally at the age of 24 years. During the study the work competency of depressed teens was compared with teenagers who had other psychological problems such as drug abuse, anxiety disorders and other problems known to interfere with normal development.

It was observed that children who suffered from an episode of depression during adolescence showed poor job performance and had problems in interpersonal relationships. It was also observed that around 60% of teens with major depression experienced a relapse in their early 20s. All this affects the quality of life, as these teens are less likely to graduate from college and hold on to their job. This affects their physical well- being and they tend to have more stressful lives. However, researchers write that the most unique characteristic linked to people who had teen depression versus those who didn’t was reduced life satisfaction. All theses findings necessitate the need for prevention and effective treatment of teen depression as well as its relapse.

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