Sample Plan

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1600 Kcal In a day, you can select mix and match items from the various food groups, as per the maximum quantity given below.

Meal Menu Amount
Early morning Lemonade * 1 glass
Breakfast Paneer stuffed roti 1
  Lassi* 1 glass
  Papaya 1 plate
Mid-morning Sprouted moong salad 1 plate
Lunch Chapati 3
  Chicken curry 1 bowl
  Mixed vegetable 1 bowl
  Curd 1 bowl
Evening Milk shake * 1 glass
  Vegetable sandwich (grilled) 1
Dinner Chapati 2
  Rajma 1 bowl
  Gobhi matar 1/2 bowl
  Cucumber raita 1 bowl
  Rice kheer 1 bowl

* without sugar [/dt_sc_blockquote]